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From Wild American Shrimp
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It’s common behavior to automatically reach for the largest, juiciest looking shrimp you can find when sourcing ingredients for your next shrimp dish. However, did you know that smaller sizes of shrimp can be just as delicious?
Smaller sized shrimp aren’t just the “shrimp” of shrimp.

Small shrimp (less than 61-70 size) are more tender and are sweeter to the taste than their larger counterparts and can be a great main dish to be used in recipes for pasta, salads, burgers, casseroles, gumbos, jambalaya and more. They are a tasty addition to any recipe to liven up your meal. Some people even pop them in their seafood stews. You can even fry them up “Calabash” style. Any recipe calling for chicken can be easily adapted for shrimp. The possibilities are really endless!

A great benefit to eating smaller-sized shrimp is that you don’t have to worry about whether you’re eating imported shrimp, which can be tainted with chemicals, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and residue. Smaller-sized shrimp ranging from size 70-90 and larger aren’t typically marketed from outside of the United States, so when you choose the “little guys,” you can be more confident that you are eating American shrimp. Just double check the fine print to make sure that you’ve chosen wild-caught!

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